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If you build it...

I witnessed a surprisingly moving testament to the resilience of nature (or something) yesterday... It was at the Victoria International Flower and Garden Show, a rather pretentious name for a very poor-man's Chelsea flower show. One of the better "show gardens" was that created by the Horticultural Center of the Pacific, which included a mini bee garden and a mini herb garden, as well as a little veggie plot and a children's garden. What was lovely was that both the bee and the herb gardens were absolutely buzzing with bees. And these little fake gardens had been built in an inner city (well, as much inner city as Victoria gets) park, had been there all of two days; this was what was normally a grass playing field, so not somewhere that bees would usually hang out... By what bee bush telegraph system did they find the flowers? But there they were, having a great time. Here's one of them, on the lavender:

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