the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
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Time, gentlemen, please

There are not enough hours in the day! I think I would SMITE some young person who whined "I'm Boooored; there's nothing to Doo woooo woooo" My life is mostly quite pleasurable at the moment (I even love my job), but I never have enough time to do it as well as I would like to, let alone do any of the other things I would like to do.

I was up late last night finishing a woefully inadequate annotated e-text of "Burnt Norton" for my online 2nd year course (and, no, one doesn't exist already, at least not that I found - and before you send me the link to the Word document that does exist I've got that one and have incorporated bits of it in mine). I'd love to pick away at it some more, but I've got to prepare an online unit on Oedipus for my online 1st year course. I need to mark a set of assignments for my 2nd year course, and prepare a couple of pages on "The Second Coming" and "The Shield of Achilles" for next week. It's supposed to be Reading Break, but I have a long meeting with the Dean this afternoon to talk about an Associate of Arts Online program, and another meeting on a less interesting topic tomorrow afternoon - so much for free time. I'm going out for dinner with friends tonight, which will be nice, but can't help thinking that I need the time to work...

What I need are weeks that are twice as long but not filled with work time - or weekends that are five days long or something. What would I do with them, you ask?

  • Have a much richer social life and not feel guilty about the time it takes away from "homework"

  • Spend at least two days a week taking photographs and one day playing around in Photoshop and Flickr

  • Write those articles I've been thinking about

  • Join a choir

  • Write more, period. blogs, stories, whatever

  • Have a wild passionate fling with someone totally unsuitable (such things take WAY too much time and energy at the moment)

  • Read more

  • And I haven't even started on the garden, yet. Or the dogs. But I do those anyway. The things above are extra to what I do anyway. But I think I need more than an extra five days in the week.

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