the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

Weekend Pursuits

Went with kp to a concert at Christ Church cathedral last night - the Cappriccio vocal ensemble doing Handel and Bach motets, ambitious pieces which they mostly pulled off. Technically they were great, but whether it was the acoustics of the building or not they - and particularly the soloists - seemed a bit muffled. I found myself wishing they were in a smaller space so as to get the real impact of those wonderful harmonies. One of the sopranoes, however, was truly splendid, having a natural, pure and unforcedly lovely voice.

We went to Moka House afterwards for decaf lattes and carrot cake (at least that's what I had) and long discussions of life the universe and everything. It'll be good to have one of my oldest friends permanently around now that Kathy seems to have finally decided to abandon Kingston and settle here.

This morning it was a little marking, some soup making (mostly brocolli, with other veg to supplement). Later I'll do more marking, take the d's out for walkies, putter. I'd like to get down and dirty in the garden but am not sure I'll have the time, and it's still a bit damp (pronounce dahmp). This evening, an Angel episode (I'm now up to Season 3), probably more marking... (do you sense a theme here?)

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