the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

Going to the movies to see The Queen

And jolly good it was, too. Helen Mirren was wonderful. She always is; I could watch her blowing her nose. What impressed me was how overall good the movie was - I had heard that although Helen Mirren was terrific, the movie itself was a bit Masterpiece Theatre-ish. It was better than that. It was surprisingly suspenseful, for something where you know what happened. It was also surprisingly balanced. You're not totally unsympathetic or sympathetic to either side. Perhaps Diana comes off worst. I loved a little moment at the end where a moment of embarrasment and pain for the royal family is punctuated by a flash to one of those pictures of Di with her little sideways glance. As if she was whispering "fuck you" from the sidelines (which she probably was).
Tony Blair comes off very well, but there's immense irony in a scene between him and The Queen where she tells him that his popularity won't last - and of course it hasn't; look at him today. I wasn't totally convinced about the heavily symbolic 14 point stag that kept turning up throughout; and I didn't really like Sylvia Sims (sp?) as the Queen Mum - she looked a bit blowsy and as if half corked most of the time (which may, of course, have been true, but still).

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