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The Baabara Walters Meme (sorry)

Interview questions: if you would like five questions, leave me a comment, and I shall oblige.
Here are mine from oursin:

1. If you were a dog, what kind of dog would you be?
I was surprised by how difficult this question was to answer, perhaps because I take dogs very seriously. It also depends on whether I answer what kind of dog I would like to be, or what kind of dog I would probably turn into if I became a dog overnight - ie what kind of dog is closest to me in personality. To answer the first question, ideally, I'd like to be like Ash, the elegant graceful dog you'll see in my Deerskin icon. Robin McKinley never actually identifies her as a breed except as a kind of sighthound, but the cover artist clearly sees her as a kind of Borzoi. Ash is also somewhat of an Ur dog - intelligent, loyal, devoted, perfect in every way. Sometimes I also fancy myself as a kind of jolly, cheerful scruffy mutt type of dog - independent, happy-go-lucky, devil-may-care. In some ways, that's the personality I wish I had. In truth... perhaps I'm not unlike my beardies. I have their herding instinct (maybe that's why I'm a teacher and was a good caregiver!), their basic cheeriness, but with workaholic tendencies, having intense loyalty, but with a slight bent to over-sensitivity, easily hurt. I'm not as decorative as they are, but few creatures are, only cats.

2. What is your ideal garden like?
Like a cross between the Secret Garden and Larkwhistle (Canadian reference) - I tried to find a good photo of Larkwhistle on the net but couldn't. It's a gorgeous 1 acre perennial garden mostly in pastels, a riot of fairly unchecked frothy flowers like roses and peonies and delphiniums and foxgloves. I guess really the classic "English cottage garden." I'd like something enclosed with high walls, with a door into it - that medieval "Roman de la Rose" mystical garden idea. My own garden is quite overlooked and there's not much I can do about it because my house and neighbours at both sides are at the top of a hill and the garden slopes downwards. My really tiresome neighbour is at the bottom, and she looks up the garden to see me doing things up the slope. Aesthetically, it's getting there, but I never have enough time to put into it. Perhaps for about one week in the year, it looks a bit the way I want it if I squint and the light is right.

3. Is there a musical instrument that you don't play, but would like to?
I always rather fancied playing the flute. And I took piano lessons as a child and would like to again. Also, I love guitar music and would like to be able to play just a little.

4. What would you be doing if not teaching?
Without hesitation, I'd be a feature actor in the RSC. And there's my one sincere regret in life and my big "road not taken," too. When I was at school, I was going to be an actor when I grew up, but I lost my nerve. Mostly it was about not being pretty enough. And I realize now that would have been enormously less of a factor in Britain than over here, and if I'd stuck to my guns and tried for RADA, which is what I wanted to do, I might have succeeded. But I had over-protective parents who were not keen for their young daughter to strike out for London on her own, and encouraged me to go to Uni instead, and I didn't think there was much point doing theatre at Uni, so I did Classics... and the rest is history, sort of. But teaching is wonderful; I don't regret that one bit, and it feeds the idealist in me in ways that acting wouldn't have done.

5. Where would you like to visit that you haven't been already?
Well, I'm going to Paris in May, so that partly answers your question, but it would almost be easier to say where I don't want to go! Caregiving has kept me Victoria-bound for so long that I have a lot of travelling to make up for, so I have a lot of trips planned in the future. High on my list, after Paris, are Venice, New Zealand, Japan, Patagonia, New York. I'd also like to see Eastern Canada, as I've never been further than Montreal.
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