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More spring flowers

erythronium macro
Originally uploaded by Debbie G.

The dogs and I went to Thetis Lake for a walk this afternoon, seeing as, miraculously, it was not only not raining but the sun was shining. It was lovely to walk in the almost forest and smell the piney foresty smell and see the sun shining on the lake and through the trees. I was surprised - though I guess I shouldn't have been - to see carpets of "easter lilies" (erythroniums) and even some shooting stars. Last week's satin flowers are already starting to go over, so I'm glad I "captured" some shots of them. I managed to take a few nice shots of wildflowers today as well. The boys had a lovely walk and are now snoring at my feet as I write this.

All in all it has been a pleasant weekend - not overly productive in terms of prep or marking, but restorative.

Tags: flowers, photography, spring

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