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It is a little known fact...

that if I stay in bed, or at least more or less on top of it, so do the dogs. They have been flaked out peacefully in their beds all morning, snoozing, while I marked papers and slothed (I have determined that sloth should be a verb: I sloth, you sloth, we spend the day slothing). As soon as I pull out socks and underwear and start making moves like I'm going to do something other than sloth, the younger beardie, at least, leaps up and starts bouncing up and down and barking and occasionally hurling himself at me in the hopes of pushing me along faster. The trick, therefore, is to stay on my bed ALL DAY and keep the dogs fooled. Now if I could somehow arrange for the delivery of soup and hot tea and apples and gin without having to move... where are those super powers when you really need them?

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