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A few things worth noting in the weekend Globe

I usually read my weekend Globe and Mail on Sundays, because it's huge and delightful and I can loll about in bed and enjoy myself. This week several things caught my attention.

The continuing pet food recall. This is terrifying. I feed my dogs Iams (dry) because it's the only food they can tolerate, and I thought I was safe because it was all wet stuff being recalled, but now they've pulled a Hill's dry cat food and one wonders when it will end. My cat Clio, being somewhat elderly and having lost a few teeth, eats only wet, from a company not affiliated with any of the ones affected, but still. An editorial argues that it's okay that pet food is not regulated as strictly as is that for humans, as the regulatory board is over-stretched as it is, and, hey, after all, they're only animals. harumph.

Margaret Wente, writing in support of Ayaan Hirst Ali, who is unsurprisingly coming under attack from all levels of Muslims for her views on Islam, writes, apparently without irony, that in the West "People no longer kill each other over faith. They no longer think of life as being ordered by the will of God. Women are equal to men." HELLO??? In what universe are you living, dear?

On a lighter note, in article about spring cleaning with an environmental consciences the news that Method (my fave line of enviro cleaners) has a Swiffer floor mop type device with a washable microfiber cloth and non-toxic floor cleaner. It will be available here sometime this month. Bravo.

And not least, a great review of papersky's book Farthing, calling it "one of the best speculative works produced in years"! Cheers and kudos to her.

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