the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

Good Friday

It was a lovely spring day.  As I walked out today, I passed a young girl who said "it's like being in _Greece_ or somewhere!"  It was warm, mostly sunny, everything you might want in an Easter weekend day.

I have the luxury of no marking this weekend, so have a delightfully lazy few days.  I slept late, read the paper in bed, then took the dogs into the garden and worked for an hour or so.  Then walked down to  5th Street and met lidocafe for lunch, which was delightful. 

Spent the afternoon once more in the garden, did a bit of cleaning, then had supper, now in my study looking up old photos and thinking about times past.

Henry the dog died yesterday.  Judith phoned me earlier to tell me; in the end they had him put to sleep at home.  I hold my two very close and cry a little - more than a little - thinking about him.  He was a dear, lovely dog, and will be greatly missed.
Tags: easter, henry, spring

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