the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

A Non-Easter Easter poem

For everyone, but especially oursin *

Oxford: A Spring Day

The air shines with a mild magnificence...
Leaves, voices, glitterings... and there is also water
Winding in easy ways among much green expanse,

Or lying flat, in small floods, on the grass;
Water which in its widespread crystal holds the whole soft song
Of this swift tremulous instant of rebirth and peace.

Tremulous - yet, beneath how deep its root!
Timelessness of an afternoon! Air's gems, the wall's bland grey,
Slim spires, hope-coloured fields: these belong to no date.

David Gascoyne

*whose post this morning sent me scurrying to find something that expresses spring and timelessness and humanity.  I think this does; there's also a personal connection, which she knows, as do some others of you.

Tags: david gascoyne, poetry, spring

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