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Small victories

The new/old anti-inflammatory is kicking in, and I was able to walk almost 5k on Sunday without too much discomfort. Yay. I suffered a bit yesterday, but am going to physio today, so perhaps will be able to slowly build up a bit more power for walking. Then, we were able to get Mum into the car for the first time since she left hospital, by using a transfer board - like a kind of plank that allows her to slide from her wheelchair to the car. So we went out for a drive, and she was happier than she's been for some time. I made risotto, real risotto that you stand over and stir for ages, and it was good. And we had the first runner beans to go with it and some lemon/parsley chicken breasts. Yum.
Oh, and we watched "Bride and Prejudice" over the weekend, which was thoroughly delightful. Bollywood movies are so goofy and colourful, and somehow the Austen comedy of manners translated very well into the Indian cultural context.
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