the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

The Passing of a Hero

No - I'm not talking about Kurt Vonnegut.

June Callwood was one of the greats. If I'd been asked to name one of my heroes of any kind, but particularly a hero who was a Canadian, a woman, a feminist, a humanitarian, just an all round terrific person, June Callwood would be at the top of my list. Her energy, her humour (I think I seldom saw a photo of her when she wasn't laughing or smiling widely, and she didn't always have lots to smile about), her passion for causes made her a shining example for those of us who just trundle along trying to do the right thing. She was one of the good guys.

She died yesterday at the age of 82. Read more
Tags: heroes, june callwood, obituary

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