the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

Because I should be marking...

And so of course I'm procrastinating again. And what better procrastination device than a good meaty meme?

From chickenfeet2003


Shampoo: Body Shop "Honey"

Moisturizer: L'Oreal "Hydrafresh"

Perfume/Aftershave: Don't use it

Razor: some pink plastic disposable jobbies

Toothpaste: Aquafresh Extreme Clean (!!!)

Cell phone: LG something or other, very very boring, doesn't do anything except phone

Computer: Macbook and Toshiba Satellite for backup (and because all my Macromedia software and my work VPN only works on the PC)

Television: 27" Samsung not flatscreen, not HD, just pretty ordinary TV

Stereo: mini component thingy that my ipod will slot into

Sheets: cotton

Coffee-maker: bodem and 1 cup filter

Car: "Orlando" is my gold colored 2004 Suzuki Aerio, very good gas mileage and 2 beardies fit in the back.

Stationery: rarely use it, though I do actually rather like good stuff. Have some rather tacky Arthur Rackham decorated stuff that someone gave me for Christmas that I've never used.

Bottled water: Evian

Coffee: Cafe San Miguel Fair Trade Dark Roast

Vodka: I'm a Gin drinker

Beer: Draft- usually Race Rocks (a local micro brewery) or Spinnaker's India Pale; bottle, can't remember, someone's micro brewery honey ale.


Jeans: current faves are from Eddie Bauer

T-shirt: lots; faves include my "Geoffrey Chaucer hath a blog," edward gorey "gardening," a grey beardie t-shirt, also M.E.C. organic cotton ones.

Briefcase or tote: depends on what I'm doing. Have leather thingy I use for work, also camera bag/laptop case for travel, also lots of cloth bags for shopping, books, student papers, etc.

Sneakers: Nike Pegasus for serious walking (although running shoes, these judged best for someone with dicky hips)

Watch: ESQ stainless steel which looks a lot less expensive than it was.

Favorite Places: currently Hornby Island, San Francisco, London, Qufu, but am going to Paris in two week's time, so check back with me in three week's time.

Extravagances: vintage books, really good gin, plants for my garden.
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