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Only three more sleeps to Paris! Well - strictly four, if you count Monday night on the plane, but only three till I'm on my way.

And sleep is something of the operative word. I didn't, last night, hardly at all (hence the buzzing in my subject line). I think that my excitement is catching up with me now that the grades are in, last bits and pieces of work related "stuff" done, and my only to do list after this morning has only trip related items on it.

This morning I'm giving a workshop for my peers at the college on blogging and wikis and other Web 2.0 tools. Should be fun - I've done several like this in the past, so am not too worried about it, though there's always an extra bit of stage fright when teaching teachers. In my experience, though, they tend to be less critical than regular students, and much more polite.

This week has been pretty busy, both with getting work things done and some pleasant little social things. I had lunch on Wednesday at 5th St with lidocafe, and we as usual discussed a range of interesting topics. Books, of course, and 20th century lit, which she's going to be teaching in a f2f class next Jan. She's characteristically modest about her abilities and prepping like mad - I know she'll be AWESOME.

Then lunch yesterday with benjyblue at Pure Vanilla. Also pleasant. We discussed my trip, but also work related things. I am constantly amazed at how astute and strong she is - well I shouldn't be surprised, as I remember hiring her!

After my workshop this morning, I'm meeting kp for lunch at Cafe Ceylon, which I'm sure will be terrific. It'll have to be a flying one, because I have to be at the vet at 3:15 for Cholomondeley who seems to have developed an eye infection (perfect timing!). Want to nip it in the bud before going away. Will also be an opportunity to leave credit card information for use by Clio the cat - or at least her temporary guardian - hoping it won't be necessary, of course, but taking precautions.

Then, tomorrow, I need a visit to MEC to pick up a few things - including, I hope, some kind of loop to fasten my daypack come camera bag come laptop case across my chest (or what passes for a bosom). It doesn't have fasteners, but it does have loops on the straps obviously intended for precisely such a thing. Not only will it add comfort, it will increase security for what, after all, would be a goldmine for a thief. And maybe some walking sandals if I can get some that will be practical for hiking and kayaking at home but also comfortable for mega walking in Paris.

Off to the college now - will check in again at least once or twice before lift-off.

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