the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

Feeling Very Organized

Here is my to-do list:

Buy travel medical insurance
Return library books
Pay utility bill
Pay credit card bill
Phone credit card company to warn them of upcoming foreign purchases (did but they were closed, so must try again tomorrow)

Buy Euros (may not bother with this, or may do at Toronto airport while killing time on Monday)
Find thingy to fasten pack across chest
Purchase useful and comfortable sandals
Purchase lightweight fleece or hoody
Pay parking ticket that I got while shopping today - if done within 14 days is half price. Tried earlier but hadn't gone through yet.
Sign contract for Museum of Healthcare and mail it (this is for a very unimportant piece of writing of mine that they are using on their "virtual museum" - comes of having a friend who is building it)
Return dvds
Groom dogs (mostly done)
"Advantage" dogs
Put all outdoor potted plants onto deck and water them (pretext for this is that cat sitter has key, and there is a hose on the deck so it's easier for her to water them for me there than scattered about the place)
Clean house
Do laundry


Most of the remaining items above can be done tomorrow. Dogs are to be delivered to their "holiday home" in the morning, and I'm stopping in to see elderly person mentioned in previous posts before going away. That will be a brief visit with all remaining "to do" items as pretext for cutting it short.
Tags: organization, to do list, travel, trip

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