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Suspended Animation

I'm in that state of pre-travel suspension - you know how it is: I've eaten all or most of the food in the house, things are relatively tidy, I'm trying to finish the book I'm reading and do whatever I do without making a mess or opening any new food packages.

Everything on my "to do" list is done except the actual packing. I want so much to travel light but always seem to take more than I really need or will use with me. But perhaps if I'm really determined, I can take one of those carefully chosen selection of clothes where everything goes with everything else and with the clever addition of a scarf or some jewelry, you can move from afternoon to a formal evening out... ha. Do you thing that's very likely? I don't :)

Well, I leave much too early tomorrow morning to post anything. My Macbook is packed (this is my Other Laptop). So the chances are, next time I post I'll be in PARIS
Tags: holiday, organization, paris trip

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