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I got the crazy first week blue hoo hoos

GOD I hate the first week of class. There's no place to park and the cafeteria's crowded and I have sad-eyed students begging to be let into the class that they need desperately or they won't finish their program... And it doesn't help that the students in my section of my online composition class got loaded into the _other_ section of the online composition class... Thank all the gods that I had retained "designer access" to said section (this being in the charge of a newbie) and was thus able with a certain level of aplomb simply to do my orientation in his section instead of mine. That was after jumping up and down going "fuckity fuckity fuck" in front of the class. I hope they didn't mind. And I should really be preparing a class on Beowulf and not writing in here, but I felt it necessary to vent.
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