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A Day Communing with Nature

I slept late this morning, so instead of having breakfast in my apartment, I headed down to the St Germain des Pres district and had coffee and croissants and orange presse at Les Deux Magots Cafe. I shared my breakfast with some sparrows and pigeons.

Croissant thief

Then, because I was feeling tired after several days heavy museum viewing and sightseeing, and because the sun was shining, if fitfully, I decided to spend the day cruising the Seine. I bought a day pass for the Batobus - the little water-ferry that does a circuit tour up and down the Seine from the Eiffel Tower to the Jardins des Plantes. I caught it at the Louvre, and went all the way round to the Jardin des Plantes. I then spent several hours wandering the gardens and found a frog pool, where I swear the frogs were croaking lines from Aristophanes ("Brek kek kek kek, koax koax")


I walked through the Jardin, had a look at the Grand Mosque de Paris, and bought a sandwich from a small shop behind the Mosque. This, I ate sitting in the Jardin, then I re-boarded the Batobus and cruised down to the Champs Elysees and from there up Rue Miromesnil to the Rue Boetie and "home." And there, I did some laundry, and read and caught up with my LJ, and here we are!
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