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More Birding

I did manage to get this relatively decent shot of a red-breasted nuthatch this afternoon. I've had two of them hanging out at my bird-feeder. I always know they're coming, because I hear what sounds like a very faint sound of geese calling, then they're unmistakable on the feeder, like wrens wearing makeup. While I was waiting this afternoon, my friend the tricky hummingbird whizzed by, long enough for me to get a blurry shot of some wings and his bum, but otherwise nothing that is going to win any photo contests... Then there's the darling chickadees bouncing around cheekily. It seems that if I just put peanuts out, all the birds, sparrows and all, would come to the feeder. I put this fancy niger seed out and noone will touch it. The millet gets thrown all over the deck and noone seems terrible interested in the suet except the starlings. But I love them all.
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