the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

As You Like ... Samurai Warriors??

A trailer via Shakespearegeek for Kenneth Branagh's new movie production of As You Like It. Branagh seems to be pulling out all the stops in too-clever-by-half gimmickry - mixed race leads are a rather tired attempt to be "different," and what matters really is their ability to speak the lines not what they look like. What I'm unsure about is the somewhat inexplicable appearance of Japanese Samurai Warriors and geishas. The Forest of Arden apparently contains a Buddhist temple... Kevin Kline is Jaques and Alfred Molina Touchstone - nice casting there.

After a quick scan on IMDB, I see that it was released in Italy in '06, although Shakespearegeek's entry suggests a September 07 release for us. hmmm.
Tags: as you like it, movies, shakespeare, trailer

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