the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

A day on earth

I'm very proud to be taking part in a lovely project through the Flickr site, in which photographers from all over the world (literally) are posting photos they have taken today in a group pool there. All the photos will be blogged at so you can go and see them. Look for the rainy day shot from Victoria Canada by "Debbie G" (that's me!) Because it was raining, I went out with my "second best" camera, my Olympus Camedia - not wanting to fry my Canon SLR digicam. It was quite fun to revisit my little point and shoot digi. This was another shot I took today that I liked quite a bit, but didn't include in the pool (I had to choose one only).
Tags: adayonearth, flickr, photography

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