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I've just returned from dinner with some family friends who are in town for a high school reunion (probably a 40-year or something). We went to the Queen Mum Waterside and it was Good. Very nouvelle cuisine and fusion or some combination thereof whatever that's called (sort of Thai when it suits them or steak at other times, or seafood, all beautifully prepared and presented, expensive, small portions, conducive to having dessert afterwards). I had poached halibut with a ginger compote and grilled vegetables and jasmine rice. We had dim sum to start with and chocolate raspberry sponge to finish and some nice white wine to wash it all down with, and it was all lovely. The restaurant is right on the Gorge, and it was pleasant and airy with high windows and there was a jazz guitarist playing but not so loud as to preclude conversation.

This could become a habit. I think I'm going to become a foodie when I grow up.
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