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Michael Rosen new Children's Laureate

I've just seen that Michael Rosen has been chosen to be the new Children's Laureate in Britain. I'm only really familiar with him from Michael Rosen's Sad Book, which is a remarkable work. I can't read it without crying, and I always tell people whom I lend it to to make sure they are on their own in a quiet place, because I can't imagine anyone being unmoved by it. But it's one of those books that, even though they make you cry, make you feel good, too. He conveys the heart of grief brilliantly.

You can read an article from the BBC about him. I was particularly struck by how amazingly like him Quentin Blake's pictures of him in the Sad Book are. Imagine the face in that photograph drawn by Quentin Blake, and that's it.
Tags: books, children's books, michael rosen, quentin blake

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