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Paper Topicz!!

via brisingamen (thank you!!) the The Amazing and Incredible, Only Slightly Laughable, Politically Unassailable, Po Mo English Title Generator

1. David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas, and The Disenfranchised: Complicating Ethnocentric Homoerotics
2. Frustration as Fragments: Engendering Promiscuous Theory in David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas
3. The Colonial Altering The Alien: David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas and Attraction
4. The Bodies of Problematics and the Oriental in David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas
5. Savage Resistance and the Bodies of Anal Complicity in David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas

The sad thing is that "only slightly laughable" is, alas, true. I can imagine seeing one or two of those in a conference line-up...
Tags: meme, postmodernism, silly

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