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Summer Garden

My Garden in June

Now that I've been spending so much time in the garden, I'm ready to show it off a little. Here's what it looks like today, in a shot taken from my back deck. If you look very carefully, you'll see Clio-the-cat sitting on the path at the center left of the photo.

You are looking at alchemilla mollis (the green frothy stuff), perennial geraniums (the light pink and purpley blue clumps), japanese iris, a pink peony, Tiffany rose, centranthus (red valerian and a white one - the white frothy stuff). Obviously, I'm fond of frothy stuff. The orange rose in the background at the top right is "Royal Sunset" climbing variety, and if I could have just one rose that would be it. In the bed at the very top, the white mound is parahebe caractacus; at the very back are more geraniums, more alchemilla mollis (self sown), and you might just be able to make out an astrantia, pale pinky white in the top left. That bed is partial shade, whereas the main perennial bed is mostly full sun.
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