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Another Book List (Memeage)

This is gakked from frumiousb who met my children's book list and raised me the Booker Prizes...

This time, I've bolded those I've read, italicized the ones I started but couldn't finish, and asterixed personal favourites.

Booker Prize winners
2006 - Kirin Desai, The Inheritance of Loss
2005 - John Banville, The Sea
2004 - Alan Hollinghurst, The Line of Beauty
2003 - DBC Pierre, Vernon God Little
2002 - Yann Martel, Life of Pi I feel that I ought to support this book, but the pompous narrative voice just turned me off.
2001 - Peter Carey, True History of the Kelly Gang Love this author, haven't read this book
2000 - Margaret Atwood, The Blind Assassin Alias Grace (the previous year's nominee) is far better, this one is a "sorry you didn't win when you should have last year" win
1999 - J M Coetzee, Disgrace
1998 - Ian McEwan, Amsterdam I've read a lot of his books but not this one
1997 - Arundhati Roy, The God of Small Things
1996 - Graham Swift, Last Orders Waterland is far better, I think
1995 - Pat Barker, The Ghost Road
1994 - James Kelman, How Late It Was, How Late
1993 - Roddy Doyle, Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha
1992 - Michael Ondaatje, The English Patient*
1992 - Barry Unsworth, Sacred Hunger
1991 - Ben Okri, The Famished Road
1990 - A S Byatt, Possession*
1989 - Kazuo Ishiguro, The Remains of the Day
1988 - Peter Carey, Oscar and Lucinda See the movie!!
1987 - Penelope Lively, Moon Tiger
1986 - Kingsley Amis, The Old Devils
1985 - Keri Hulme, The Bone People*
1984 - Anita Brookner, Hotel du Lac
1983 - J M Coetzee, Life & Times of Michael K
1982 - Thomas Keneally, Schindler's Ark
1981 - Salman Rushdie, Midnight's Children
1980 - William Golding, Rites of Passage
1979 - Penelope Fitzgerald, Offshore
1978 - Iris Murdoch Sea, the Sea Not one of her best, but I like her books a lot
1977 - Paul Scott, Staying On I think the first in The Jewel in the Crown sequence is superior to this one, but this is expressive of the experience of the expat, excolonial with nowhere to go.
1976 - David Storey, Saville
1975 - Ruth Prawer Jhabvala, Heat and Dust
1974 - Nadine Gordimer, The Conservationist
1974 - Stanley Middleton, Holiday
1973 - J G Farrell, The Siege of Krishnapur
1972 - John Berger, G
1971 - V S Naipaul, In a Free State
1970 - Bernice Rubens, The Elected Member
1969 - P H Newby, Something to Answer For

I feel a bit ashamed of how many of these I've started and never finished, but also quite pleased that I've read so many, and not one of them was for my PhD reading list (20th century British specialty) though I did read other works by same author (ie Waterland) for list
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