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Nothing of any great import has been happening, but here are a few newsflashes:

New Flickr Addiction: This is a potentially deadly procrastination device. I've discovered an addictive group on Flickr called the Motif Challenges. It's a rapid-fire game of photo challenges, in which one person posts a theme or topic (the motif) such as "church" "pink" "rust" or whatever. Once five people have posted pics into the discussion thread, voting starts and the winner gets to choose the next challenge and post his or her photo to the group pool. It's fast, it's fun, and in the five challenges I entered on Sunday, I won two and came second in one. However, the need to pop in and out, vote, check on the progress of your entry, etc etc makes it a terrible time-sink.

More on the Photography theme, and Macs Rule: I felt like the Mac user half of the Mac/PC advertisements yesterday as I prepared a dvd slide show of my Paris pics to show my friends B & J who were coming for dinner and to see pics. It took me all of about 10 minutes (not including burning time, which was about an hour) using idvd, itunes, and iphoto, which of course all worked seamlessly together.

A Pleasant Evening was had by All: B, J and I and my dogs and their new puppy enjoying garden inspection (and in the case of the puppy, solo race at top speed around it several times), dinner, a new (to me) variety of wine called Damasco (yummy), Thrifty's feta cheese and spinach on foccaccio pizza, salad and a wonderful cranberry nut bread from the Market on Yates. Oh, and they admired my slide show and photos therein.

Dream Guest: Last night I dreamt that I was teaching a Tom Stoppard play and Tom Stoppard himself dropped in. It was surprisingly not a nightmare. TS was very charming and I told him how much I enjoyed Arcadia and of course Rozencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead though I said I didn't like the ending of the latter.

Social Life: I'm having lunch later today at Los Tas... something or other Mexican restaurant with a large group of women from the English dept. I dislike Mexican food, but probably will enjoy the company. Not sure if lidocafe is going - if she isn't, we should think about our next meeting, so that, seeing as she hasn't been posting for a while, I can find out What's Going On in her life.
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