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Cheese and Wine

I had a good day today.

It was my first day on the job as Acting Summer Chair of the English Department. And I had fun.

It's a somewhat sad, but nonetheless undeniable, truth that I am actually happier when I'm working. This is to take nothing away from wonderful life enhancing holidays, but in a holiday abroad one is busy and interested and involved, whereas at home, hours of free time are somehow... less than fulfilling. How sad is that?

My name is Intertext, and I'm a workaholic.

But anyway. Today was good. There were people there I like (and some that I'm less fond of, but even they were not unfriendly today). I have things to accomplish, and I can help people and feel like I'm making a difference.

I had lunch with some pleasant people, and I was busy all day.

My friend kp (not you, lidocafe, another kp) is back in town, which will be fun. She had intended to come to dinner tonight, but phoned with a migraine and a potential cold (and lingering jet lag, I think). That was okay. I watched Coronation Street and ate the pasta I was going to give kp, and now I'm enjoying the evening sun and drinking wine and feeling mellow. Which is a nice change.

Oh, and if anyone wants a recommendation for some great music, check out the "Once" soundtrack. It's lovely.

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