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Thursday was a Good Day

I had my first real administrative success at work today. When I arrived back at work, there had just been a lot of last minute changes made to several people's schedules and one or two of them were very unhappy about it. One person's concerns were sufficiently serious that it became apparent that I would need to fix it, but changing one schedule has ricochet effects on a number of others. I endeavoured, and succeeded, in switching things around so that in fact everyone's timetable ended up slightly better than before. Yesterday morning I had a meeting with one of the two Deans I work under as Chair, the one overseeing this particular group, and she not only approved the changes but was very pleased with my work. Go me :)

So it was in a cheerful frame of mind that I drove downtown to meet superfoo, lidocafe and marri for lunch, which we partook at the Tapa Bar. I'd never been there before, and enjoyed it, particularly sitting at a table outside which made me feel vaguely Parisian again. It was a good time, good company, though lidocafe was distinctly subdued - she knows that we're all hoping she is soon able to move out from under the cloud of sadness that is following her around just now.

I had time to buy some fresh salad things from the Thursday Cook's market beforehand, which I then cleverly left at the restaurant, necessitating a return trip downtown after work, at which point I discovered that the liquor store in the Bay Centre has closed. It was the first and only time that I've ever wanted to use it, so of course it had to be gone! This necessitated a stop at the one closer to home to stock up on Gin (Bombay Sapphire).

However, I had a nice tuna steak waiting for me at home, which I marinated in lime juice, lime infused olive oil and ground cumin, and then grilled, and ate with a salad of my market greens and some strawberries, dressed with lime olive oil and balsamic vinegar. A G&T before that while watching Corrie, supper, and the penultimate episode of Angel, and my evening was complete. Oh, and some Ghostwritten before sleep. The nice thing about Chairing and SD is that I don't really have homework, so evenings and weekends are my own.
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