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Happy Birthday, Cholmondeley!

My darling Chums is fourteen years old today.

Cholmondeley is Fourteen!

He is the most delightful dog. Charming, cheeky, childlike Chums - thinking about him now is tinged with sadness because he is getting thin and old and I know that he won't be with me all that much longer.

But we had a great day today. I took him and Robinson for a special birthday walk to Island View Beach, and he had a lovely time. When I sat down in the warm sand, he came and laid his head heavily against my thigh and I just sat and scratched his ears and murmured silly things. Perfect happiness. The sun was warm on my back, and on his fur, and he was tired from running after a toy and splashing in the waves and trying to keep up with Robinson. Really, his joi de vivre knows no bounds - he just enjoys his life, and wants nothing more than good food and my company and a soft bed to snooze in after.
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