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Comfort Reading

I realized that I've been remiss in updating this journal - for the same reason that I've been resorting to the subject of this entry. YOU try marking 70 papers over a weekend, plus try and write several pages of your own dissertation, plus do the food shopping, take the dogs out, clean the house ... blah blah blah.
Anyway. What do you read when you're too tired to think? I have two kinds of comfort reading: old favourites, which may be really good books but are familiar and undemanding, like that old cashmere sweater and really well worn designer jeans.
Then there is the junk. The sweats from Walmart. For me, books in the first category are often children's books, like _The Little White Horse_, or Winnie the Pooh. Or The Hobbit.
Or Jane Austen, or Georgette Heyer (and don't be put off by the fact that she's in the Romance section - she's GOOD).
My junk reading is Mercedes Lackey. Look in the middle of the Fantasy/Science fiction section. There's a BIG shelf full of books with pink and purple covers, mostly with pictures of white horses with big blue eyes... Yeah, I told you this was junk :) I don't really know why I like them, except that they are the epitome of wish-fulfillment escapism. The plots are good, and they are not so badly written that I can't read them (like some I won't mention). They're all the same, pretty much, and mostly about NICE GOOD NOBLE people in a NICE GOOD NOBLE world which is often invaded by NASTY EVIL people who do NASTY EVIL things to our NICE GOOD NOBLE people...well you get the idea.
I'll read War and Peace in the summer when I get some time. Meanwhile, I'm going to curl up with a nice piece of escapism.

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