the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

Still Waiting

My house is now fabulously clean. This was not just a passing-the-time device (nor procrastination - it being summer, I have no ongoing homework to do) - I was supposed to be having company for lunch at my house. She has not shown up, however, so I'm going to make a sandwich and start without her. She may have forgotten or got waylaid and not had my phone number - she's a young woman who used to be one of my mother's "carers, " was my mum's favourite and had a lot of things in common with her. She dropped in for a visit shortly after my mum died, and we've vaguely kept in touch. I will always have fondness for her, not only because her friendship gave my mother a lot of pleasure but because she is the person who lent me Firefly and thus introduced me to the great world of Joss Whedon. She also lent me Season 1 of BSG, so I'm doubly thankful.

Okay, I'm starving. Off to get my lunch and read Entertainment Weekly and maybe HP will turn up...
Tags: anticipation, disa, time passes

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