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Phew. Spent all afternoon - literally - ALL afternoon, fiddling with various bits and pieces of my network. Went into router and fiddled, which, of course, knocked out my internet connection completely. Spent some time with a very efficient and helpful Telus support person (Telus, for those not living in BC, is my ISP) who then told me that they don't support my router and I'd have to go to Linksys for help with that. So I phone Linksys, who were absolutely AWFUL. One of those smarmy voices that inserted my name in about every third word and was obviously reading from a script. The upshot was that my system is old and THEY don't support it any more, but if I wanted to pay $30 (US) I could talk to someone. I hung up. I had figured out that there was a reset button on my router which restored all the default settings but then my internet access went out again, so it was back to Telus to another very helpful support person who got me back online, with wireless access, and it seems to be a bit nippier than it was before, so perhaps all that trouble was worth it. We'll see.


But I do have to say that I have a new respect for Telus internet service. They were wonderful.
Tags: frustration, internet, linksys, telus

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