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Saturday Walk

I usually meet my friends B & J and their dog Henry for walkies on Saturday afternoon, but J was not well, so I had a free afternoon. Lucky for me, because it was a beautiful sunny day, and I had my chance to go out and take photos of autumn leaves before Sunday's grey drizzle. You can see a couple of the results below. It was such a lovely walk. For once, my hip wasn't hurting, and my cold is almost better. The dogs and I just ambled slowly through the backwoods at Mt. Doug park, enjoying the "season of mists" and looking at the "worlds of wanwood" lying leafmeal, and taking lots of backlit shots of maple leaves. The dogs enjoyed having me out for such a long time; sheer busy-ness - as well as more recent flu and the ongoing arthritis - has tended to preclude our accustomed long weekend walks. I forget sometimes how badly I need to spend time out in nature without deadlines or worries. Note to self: do this more often, when pain-free days permit.

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