the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

Dog Days

I spent a most enjoyable morning and part of the afternoon meeting brinian and her beardie Brin at the Beardie Specialty show which just happened to be in Victoria this year. It was also a chance for me and "the boys" to catch up with "family" in the form of their breeder, his wife, daughter and sister and other acquaintances from the Beardie world. It was so great meeting brinian and Brin-the-dog, and great that Brin-the-dog earned his Canadian Championship while I watched!

Dog shows are funny things. Anyone who has seen "Best in Show" has a sense of what it's all about. But it was lovely watching all the beautiful beardies.

Pic spam

Coaching Treats

In the Ring Brinian and Brin

Liz Showing Just Hanging Out

You can see even more pics in my Flickr Beardie Show set.
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