the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

Sleep for Noir

(How's that for a nice snappy headline?) It was Black Tuesday once more yestereve, and our movie of choice was The Big Sleep. This one deserved its reputation. So what if the plot was terribly convoluted! (someone reported a rumour that even Howard Hawks couldn't keep track of what was going on). The fun was getting ... wherever it was we got, well, apparently with Bogie and Bacall going off into the sunset together, which is how it should be. The chemistry between them was not as palpable in this as it is in To Have and Have Not but was nonetheless quite zingy. But, as lidocafe remarked, the film was also filled with every attractive brunette in Hollywood, all exuding sex appeal and thrusting themselves at Philip Marlowe. There was even a female taxi driver (a first?) who had obviously been round the block more than a few times. The dialogue was snappy and amusing, the action tense and exciting. All in all, a most satisfactory movie-watching experience. Next week? Chinatown, which I've seen before, but look forward to enjoying again.
Tags: humphrey bogart, lauren bacall, movies, noir, the big sleep

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