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I think I like the haiku version of this better. It's pretty pointless, but I had to get in on the act.

The BBC has published a run-down of this year's Booker Prize nominees. I'm ashamed to admit that I didn't know. I just ordered it. I also buy books not just because I love to read them, but for their beauty. I belong to the Folio Society, and buy some of their editions of books that I love. I have no ongoing homework to do) - I was supposed to be having company for lunch at my house. She has not shown up, however, so I'm going to make a sandwich and start without her. She may have forgotten or got waylaid and not had my phone number - she's a young woman who used to be one of my top faves is the top of "little Doug" in Mt. Doug park. I like walking the dogs in Mt. Dog park because it's quiet, the dogs can run off leash, yet there's a sense of what it's all about. But it was lovely watching all the beautiful beardies.

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