the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

Question for Oxfordians

Is that correct? Or should it be Oxfordites, or Oxforthians, or some such?

Anyway, the question is for tree_and_leaf or anyone who knows a little about Oxford, the University, as a place to visit, rather than to study. A friend of mine is going there in a few days, and while she's been able to find out the obvious things, she's discovered very little about the tourist possibilities of the colleges. Apparently the town site says "look at the University site" and the University site ain't saying much. She likes gardens, and is a quiet, bookish and knowledgeable person who designs museum exhibits for a living. So basically what are the hidden treasures for someone like that? College gardens that are open to the public? Other-than-famous college buildings that are worth a look?

Any responses within the next day or so can be passed on usefully!
Tags: oxford, travel

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