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Turn your back for a day...

And look at all the posts on my flist! Yikes. So many things I want to respond to, but I've got work to do, and I hardly have time to write a post at all.

I want to say something about sartorias's lovely post, The Physical Book". She writes about how one gets attached to particular copies of books. Also about the pleasures of beautiful books and of "pre-owned" books with inscriptions and margin jottings. My gorgeous Folio Society copy of Emma just arrived and I've been having a pleasurable squee about it for days, but there are also so many shabby and beloved books in my own library that I could comment about if I had the time. (Oh, by the way, Sherwood - I'm absolutely LOVING Inda - thank you for writing it!!)

I've been so much enjoying anghara's posts about Japan. They fill me with travel lust again (though I have to confess I've been wondering - Irish pub, Italian restaurant, Chinese restaurant... um are you ever going to eat Japanese food?)

Then there's egretplume very thought-provoking post about student writing, and how creative writing instructors are being told to keep an eye out for "disturbing" writing in the wake of the Virginia Tech shootings. Yikes. There a lot there that I really need to think about and want to respond to, so I've -ed it for another day. I may also send it out to my colleagues in the English dept.

beable's annoyed rant about how in the opinion of some women should not work late in the office without arranging for a male escort aroused my sympathetic ire. OMGWTF. Next, we'll be told that if we work late and walk home without an escort we "deserve" to be assaulted. grrr.

wordweaverlynn asks the fascinating question Is Fantasy Inherently Conservative?. Wooh. Need to think about that one before I jump in and join the 101 comments already there.

The always erudite oursin writes about academic writing and the pleasures to be found therein, despite the opinions of some that it is impenetrable and unreadable.

And finally, the lovely superfoo shares the pleasures of her first apartment!

Of course, there were many others, too, and if I didn't comment it doesn't mean I didn't read or didn't enjoy your posts. I have the greatest flist, evah!
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