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Things You Can Tell Just By Looking At Her

I found this movie somewhat inexplicably filed in the "gay and lesbian" shelf of my local video store, perhaps because one of the vignettes featuring very different women and their relationships involved a lesbian couple. Perhaps the video clerks had looked it up on the imdb, whose amazing subject listings would put a movie in the "insects" category if one character swatted a fly.

This is one of those slow, meandering movies in the same vein as Nine Lives, though not quite as good - a look at women's lives and loves, and the search for personal connections. I see from the imdb that it was nominated for an Emmy, so perhaps it was made for TV? That would explain the presence - welcome, in both cases - of two actors known more for their TV work than movies: Callista Flockhart and Amy Brenneman. Both were exceptional, standouts for me in a cast of great actors including Glenn Close, Holly Hunter and Gregor Hines. All the performances were terrific, with the notable exception of Cameron Diaz, who used a demure downcast gaze as the only way to indicate being blind, and who delivered her lines like someone in a high-school play.

Overall, this is a quality production, and I enjoyed my time with the characters
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