the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

Doom! Misery!!

It has just come to my attention* that there is a new Ian Rankin. This is cause for celebration, but the doom and misery of my headline relates to the fact that apparently this is a last featuring Rebus. Alas. I am not a huge fan of mysteries, but there have been a few authors who grabbed me and didn't let go: D.L Sayers, Reginald Hill and Ian Rankin are probably the ones I would rate the most highly as having series of books in which with almost no exception every book is a great reading experience. (and if you don't like that sentence, bear in mind that I'm writing this at 3:30 am)

Seeing as I haven't read the penultimate Rankin yet, I'd better get my skates on. Except that I just got a hold notice from the library telling me that Chesil Beach is in. And I haven't quite finished Inda (still loving it, Sherwood!)

And I have a batch of 150 essays coming in later today - who's going to have time to read novels???

*in a typically webby way - The Little Professor posted that she will be reviewing it when she gets back from a spate of marking and editing.
Tags: books, rankin, rebus, time and lack thereof

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