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Lazy, Rainy Sunday

A shame about the rain in one way, because it's the Terry Fox run today and rain makes it less fun. I like a rainy day because it's a good excuse to pursue domestic things and relax.

It's actually been quite a productive day, in which I made an effort to get some little things done that have been on my "to do" list for too long.

To whit:

1. uploading into Flickr some photos, including this one
Gadget for putting socks on that I took to go with the article I wrote for The Museum of Healthcare. The article is a "blog" about having a hip replacement, and is to be included in a virtual museum exhibit.

2. taking the grey jeans that I bought about a month ago down to the mall to be altered.

3. photographing some of my books to personalize the header on my new college english blog.

While I was at the mall, I bought six pairs of underwear (failing M&S, my faves are Jockey), and the dvd's for Heroes Season 1 and Season 4 of Buffy.

It's been a productive weekend, overall. I managed to spend a little time in the garden in the late afternoon sunshine yesterday, and also undertook a fairly major reorganization project in the basement and my bedroom, did a fair bit of cleaning and some laundry, went to Madrona Farms for veggies, picked up a book from the library and went shopping at SaveOn. AND I met my friends B&J for a dogwalk.

Today, I still have to cook some ground beef for the dogs, do a bit more cleaning and reorganizing, and take the dogs for their walk. I MIGHT do some marking. But I might not.

My goodness, it's a wild life!

Incidentally, while I was cleaning and rearranging my bedroom this morning, I looked straight at the shelf on which I have the cream of my mother's collection of teddy bears and realized that I don't want to look at them any more and that I feel okay about putting them away. This is actually quite a big thing - another big step out of mourning. A good thing.
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