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Ready for the Weekend

Like lidocafe, I have had a pleasantly relaxing day, without recourse to any serious work. Procrastination begins in earnest as soon as essays and assignments start coming in. Anyway, today I have been busy, but have not accomplished much of note, and feel relatively content that it should be the case.

I started off fairly early, with my after-a-year x-ray and checkup of my bionic hip. I seemed to be emitting magnetic rays of some kind, because the parking machine at the surgeon's office and then the x-ray machine had hiccups, and later a couple of other machines failed in my presence as well. The x-ray technician was cheery, even though my magnetic emissions meant that we had to move to a different room, and then the pictures didn't turn out and had to be redone (see, I told you - these emissions were powerful!). The surgeon who gave me my new hip has retired, so I met a new one today, who was youngish (maybe in his late thirties or early forties) and quite good looking. I was sitting in my underwear on the bed thing with this stupid paper sheet over my legs, and he said "let me see you walk" - so I jumped down and strode across the room in my undies, completely not bothered, until HE said "oh, didn't the nurse speak to you about wearing shorts..." and I said "yes, for next time" and he said "yes, well a lot of people don't feel comfortable wearing a gown," and blah blah blah, but the upshot was that he made me feel all self-conscious when I hadn't before! Just as well I wasn't wearing a thong!

Anyway, all reports are fine, my hip is still there and hasn't gotten loose or anything, so I don't have to go back again for another year (when I will wear shorts)

Home to find an Amazon delivery - two books! The new Robin McKinley and Fans, Bloggers and Gamers by Henry Jenkins, which I wanted to read because of some things I'm thinking about writing.

Thence with dogs to drop On Chesil Beach back at the library, pick up a few things at Blockbuster, the liquor store and Save-On, and then to Madrona Farms where I purchased salad greens, arugula, and tsai choi, and then a walk (the dogs said FINALLY) at Mt. Doug.

This afternoon I felt compelled to tidy my kitchen and my living room, and would do some dusting and vacuuming, except then I would have nothing left to do to procrastinate with, and I have marking to do, but will, I think, leave it till tomorrow. Dogs are just about to be taken for their second walk.

After that, I will make cauliflour cheese for supper, watch Coronation St and something on dvd, as yet to be determined.

And all the while, it's a blazingly lovely Fall day. I love this kind of weather - sunny but crisp and cool.
Is it the last day of summer today? I can't remember.
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