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Elizabeth: The Golden Years

It's appropriate that I start teaching Spenser next week. There was Gloriana, the Virgin Queen, up there on the screen for everyone to adore! Perhaps fortunately, I don't know enough to be annoyed about historical accuracy, or lack thereof. It was luscious eyecandy, especially with the delectable Clive Owen buckling his swash with vigour, and Cate Blanchett in armor, hair blowing in the same wind that blows away the Armada. I was taken with the sheer Girls Own Annual almost jingoism of it all - surely this would not have been PC a decade or so ago ... what has changed?? This is not to say that I did not enjoy it; I did. Just wanted to say, that's all.

Hot Fuzz

This was hilarious. So much fun. And I almost peed myself in the big shoot-out at the end.

The Descent

Courtesy of the film club - visceral, feminist horror. Rather good. Good company, too :)

And on the small screen...


I think so far I like this better than Dr. Who (at least recent offerings - being on record as not totally enamoured of the latest incarnation of him). It's a bit darker, a bit more textured, at least so far.


I suspect I'm going to have to buy my own copy of this. I keep taking the dvd's back to the store unwatched, or only half-watched, because the individual episodes are so powerful that I don't want to watch more than one in a week. The production values are fabulous - everything is so good: music, photography, acting - that each episode seems like a little movie. And the language ("limber-dicked cunt suckers" is my favourite)!!
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