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6 Things That Made me Happy (meme)

As tagged by frumiousb

These six things (among others) made me happy recently:

1. Getting some yard work done this weekend, and seeing my nicely pruned hedge and willow tree.

2. Simon Frankson saying "How much would I PAY to have you teach all the rest of the courses I have to take!"
Thank you, Simon - you probably made my year :)

3. A warm bath, after a long afternoon working in the garden.

4. Sharing a 21st birthday celebration with a delightful, intelligent young woman and her friends, and not feeling out of place :)

5. Getting my "Topaz Park as Winter Wonderland" photo chosen for a calendar.

6. Sitting here, right now, in a snuggly cashmere sweater and sweat pants, listening to Bach, drinking a gin and tonic, and writing in my LJ.

I tag all of you!
Tags: blessings, happiness, meme

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