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The Great Bed Saga Ends Happily

Did you even know there was a Great Bed Saga TM?

Last night, I slept in my own comfy bed for the first time in almost two years. The reason I haven't been able to is the Great Bed Saga TM. It all began when my mother was still alive...

First of all, I should explain that my house is tiny. Really only like a detached apartment, with a basement. I theoretically have three bedrooms, but the third is a cold, unfinished room in the basement. However, while my mum was alive I used the basement room because ... well, because it was a more private space than the room next to my mother's that I use now. I used the upstairs bedroom, that I'm in now, as a study.

My mum's bed was old, and the springs were going, and she had to have it put up on blocks because it was too low for her to get in and out of. She couldn't really afford a new one, and I had spent so much on furnishings and modifications for her for the house (like a wheelchair lift outside) that I couldn't really, either.

My friend kp is also an only child, and her mother was actually older than mine and had been a semi-invalid for some time. She had bought herself one of those super-duper-ultra-instamatic beds that raise and lower and massage and whatnot. She died a few years before mine, and, after she died, kp asked me if I would like The BedTM for my mother. I took it, gratefully.

When my mum died, however, I really wanted to get rid of it. I didn't feel that I could sell it, because it had been a gift, and on top of that, kp wanted it to go to someone else who really needed it, which meant finding someone. I'm not sure that it was entirely fair to make that stipulation, once she'd given it away, but I was prepared to abide by it. But then, I had really bad arthritis, and knew that I had a hip replacement coming up, so kp said "why don't you keep it for a while, because you might be glad of it?"

So I did. I was never exactly thrilled about sleeping in the bed my mum had died in, but I did. There was no room in my tiny house to have both beds in use on top of the sofa-bed I have in my study, and The BedTM weighs a ton, so there was no question of hauling it down to the basement and back up again later.

The great irony is that, after my hip replacement, I was forbidden from using the electric controls on The BedTM because of the risk that I would go past the 90 degree bend that I was allowed.

Time passed. I was busy, tired, lazy, etc etc and somehow never got round to doing anything about The BedTM even though it was narrow, awkward, and ... well, you know. Then, an aquaintance of my mother's came over for tea and said that she would take it. That was back in August. So I was pleased. She wasn't exactly "needy," - I think she saw it as a great opportunity to get a free bed - but by this time I wanted to see the back of The BedTM. I got all ready, and then - her husband had some kind of accident and couldn't come to get it, and then I hadn't heard from her for months.

THEN, via an acquaintance of kp's, came word of an elderly infirm lady who was not well off and had family ready and eager to come and get The BedTM, AND had even been a friend of kp's mum. Yesterday, with the help of a neighbour, I hauled my own bed upstairs, and the family came and took The BedTM!

My own bed is so roomy and comfy and I love it! I bought a new duvet cover for it to celebrate and some new sheets. I'm so happy :) The BedTM is gone!! Yay.

Such small things make me happy
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