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To privatize or not?

Everybody agrees that health care needs fixing, but I find myself now in something of two minds about how I feel about how it should be done. I admire Jack Layton for sticking to his guns The present Liberal government and the Conservative opposition have been considering reforming the health-care system by introducing measures that would create a possible "two-tier" system of some privatized services, especially things like joint replacements. The Liberal government, a minority, is in a precarious position, and the NDP, led by Jack Layton, are threatening to help bring down the Liberals if they won't promise to uphold the socialist system of completely public health care. The Liberals won't make that promise, so Layton is now threatening a non-confidence vote, which would mean a federal election for us in the near future, with health care one of the top issues. , and the part of me that has nearly always voted NDP wants to say "public health care for all! No privatization!" But I need a hip replacement. And at the moment I'm faced with probably waiting 18 months to two years unless I spend $20,000 and go to the US or somewhat less but go to India... And I don't have the option, as things stand right now of "going the private." It is literally against the law for me to pay a surgeon up front and get my operation sooner. But I suppose that's always the way, isn't it? It's easy to be idealistic until something like this comes up and hits you, and good old capitalism would make my own life a lot easier and pain free a lot more quickly. But then, I suppose I do have the option of going to the US, or India, and someone who isn't at my income level wouldn't have that...
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