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Zipping: Hero

I should explain for my non-Canadian readers that "Zip" is the Canadian equivalent of "Netflix," a service you subscribe to that sends you dvd's through the mail. It rocks. I don't know why it motivates me more than simply going to the video store up the road, but there's something nifty about getting little envelopes in the mail and being surprised by what they sent you today. You put in a list of all the things that in an ideal world you'd like to see, and they send them as they become available and as you free up space in your borrowing limit - I've chosen the "4 at a time" plan, but right now have a free trial thing happening, so I have about six out at the moment. There's no return deadline; they just don't send you another one until you send one back.

Anyway, last night I watched Hero, which I'd never seen. I wish I had seen it on the big screen, because every single shot is a thing of absolute beauty. I think the music was written by the same guy who wrote the soundtrack for Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, and I still have its stately minor key cadences drifting through the back of my brain. There is a lot of billowing silk and several fights involving flying swordsmen. It didn't move me as much as CTHD (which completely knocked me sideways), but I could appreciate its beauty and the very Romantic idealism of its plot. Although the motivations of some of the characters were slightly confusing (especially "Snow," if you remember who that is), it all seemed ultimately to be about sacrificing everything for a Higher Good, which can't be bad. Although, on reflection, I realize that the Romantic Ideals seemed to be held by men, and the women (like Snow, and the character played by Zhang Ziyi) had slightly less noble and more small r romantic motives. Not sure whether to be offended, or to remember that I always figured that being a Romantic Hero is a Guy thing. It (the movie) reminded me somewhat of Yellow Earth, which is by a different filmmaker again (Chen Kaige. Hero is by Zhang Yimou), but shared its terse dialogue, gorgeous visual imagery and idealistic, mythic storyline (except, there, it's the girl who makes the great Noble Sacrifice).
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