the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

Busy! But in a good way

I can now sit back and look at my (almost) clean house, with tree up, Christmas supplies and pressies bought, a little baking done, and dogs bathed.

My friend kp came over on the 21st for a Solstice dinner - I made yummy curried parsnip soup and we had salad and bread and Comox Camembert cheese and Howe Sound Winter Ale and then raspberries and blueberries from the summer that I unfroze and served with creme fraiche and coffee and some of my baking.

This morning I am going to groom the dogs and then lidocafe is dropping over this afternoon.

Tomorrow my friend mkb is coming, and I'm cooking the Turkey dinner in the evening. I've had several invites to Christmas dinner on The Day, but have refused all of them - think I will spend a quiet day with the dogs, listening to music and enjoying my tree.

And old school friend is supposed to be visiting either Boxing Day or the day after, and I'm having B&J over for dinner on the 28th.

What I'm quite liking about the way Christmas is changing for me is that it is no longer The Day, but has become a whole "Christmas time" and is in fact a lot more relaxing and pleasant.
Tags: christmas, friends

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