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chickenfeet2003 posted pictures of his bookshelves this morning, and I thought it would be fun to do the same. Here are some snapshots of a portion of my bookshelves (maybe about a third if I include the stacks in my basement)

These shelves are in my study; they contain the choicest of my collection of fantasy and sf, and some (on the left) "books about books." The pic is missing the top shelf, though, with GGKs on the right and Richard Adams and more Bujold on the left.

This is the main set of shelves in my bedroom. It contains my favourite hardcover children's books (the ones not in the shelves pictured below)

These are shelves with glass doors, for the cream of my illustrated books, and one or two prize items (like the first edition of Prince Caspian in dustjacket, and one or two first edition Tolkiens)

This is half of my "literature" and novels collection in my living room, and a quarter of the books I actually have in my living room.
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